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Safety products designed to ward off potential accidents and other problems.

Pool Protector Pool Alarm
The Pool Protector is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when children or pets fall into your unsupervised pool.
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List Price: 185.99
Price: 159.00
Product ID: UVD549
iDetector: UV Protection Against Fraud
The iDetector is a quick and easy way to detect counterfeit currency, travelers checks, credit cards and IDs such as drivers licenses and passports.
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List Price: 34.99
Price: 24.99
Product ID: 671
Safety Beam Alarm
You can know when someone crosses the line. This high tech device creates an invisible infrared beam up to 60 ft. long. When the beam is crossed a loud alarm or a pleasant chime sound will be emitted. Can be used as an invisible playpen to alert you to your child or pet leaving a safe area.
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List Price: 34.49
Price: 19.99
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Product ID: FL60
Personal Flashing Safety Light
Our highly visible flashing safety light contains five LED lights and allows you to choose from six …
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List Price: 6.24
Price: 2.99
Product ID: 51538
GE Automatic Night Light
This automatic night light turns on automatically as daylight decreases and off as daylight increases. Easy to install-simply plug it in. Includes 1 clear, cool-burning 4 watt bulb (type C7)
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List Price: 4.67
Price: 2.99
Product ID: 14026
Universal Counterfeit Money Detector Pen
Simply mark anywhere on the bill - if it turns yellow the bill is good, if it turns black or brown the bill is a counterfeit..
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List Price: 3.99
Price: 2.99

Product ID: CF-1
Counterfeit Money Detector Pen
Never get fooled with this easy to use Counterfit money detector..
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List Price: 9.99
Price: 1.99
Product ID: GEASNL
GE Automatic Safety Night Light
The automatic safety night light will help light the way from dusk to dawn with it's cool burning 4 watt bulb. The night light mounts directly over the outlet wall plate thereby preventing access.
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List Price: 7.01
Price: 1.99







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