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We offer several products to help protect your home from intruders. From the Electronic Watch Dog to the Mace Motion Alert, all these products will help you feel more secure in an insecure world.

Pool Protector Pool Alarm
The Pool Protector is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when children or pets fall into your unsupervised pool.
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List Price: 185.99
Price: 159.00
Product ID: EWD-1
Electronic Watch Dog
This multifunctional BARKING DOG ALARM system uses an electronic radar-wave sense control. This technology..
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List Price: 124.99
Price: 69.99
Product ID: MA795
Strobe Security Motion Alarm with Remote Control
This simple security device can be installed in only minutes and yet is powerful enough to protect y …
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List Price: 49.99
Price: 34.99

Product ID: 80200
Mace Motion Alert
Mace Motion Alert is a passive infrared system that detects motion in any selected area. Compact and …
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List Price: 40.00
Price: 34.99
Coming Soon
Product ID: DC1100SSP
5 inch IR Dummy Camera in Circular Silver Outdoor Housing w/ Solar Light
This dummy camera conserves energy and protects the environment. The flashing LED light is powered by the sun..
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List Price: 39.99
Price: 28.99
Product ID: JB5322
Alarm Security Bar-K/D Version
Secures your home, dorm, office or hotel room from intruders with added security! As soon as the doorknob is touched, the alarm will sound like a powe
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List Price: 23.19
Price: 16.99
Coming Soon

Product ID: RMC795
Strobe Security Motion (MA795) - Remote Control
This remote control works exclusively with our MA795. This IR remote control will only work with the MA795 only.
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List Price: 12.99
Price: 9.99
Coming Soon
Product ID: TDG
Tele-Data Guard Tap Detector & Privacy Module
When TeleData Guard is installed on all your extensions, the extension you pick up automaitcally dis …
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List Price: 17.99
Price: 9.99
Coming Soon
Product ID: TVC-3
Hand held Voice Changer
This Telephone Voice Changer disguises your voice by digitizing it. The degree of change can be adju …
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List Price: 19.99
Price: 9.99
Coming Soon

Product ID: 00512
Mace- Kindergard Child Protection Kit
Don't let your baby become a statistic when most home accidents can be easily avoided.
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List Price: 12.95
Price: 9.95
Product ID: CH01
Imitation Security Camera with Motion Detector
Deters robbery and shoplifting without the high cost of a real surveillance camera Features a built …
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List Price: 18.74
Price: 7.99
Product ID: 50269
GE 911 Emergency Light Switch
When you dial 911 during an emergency, every second counts. Unfortunately, precious minutes are often wasted as emergency personnel try to locate the correct house
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List Price: 8.95
Price: 6.99

Product ID: MMCA4
Mini Magnetic Contact Alarm and Chime (4 Pack)
At only 2 1/2 inches long this economical alarm inconspicuously protects your home from intruders. This unit uses a magnetic sensor to detect the opening of a protected door or window.
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List Price: 10.52
Price: 6.99
Coming Soon
Product ID: JB5338
Security Door Alarm
FOR EXTRA SAFETY IN YOUR HOME! This dual function alarm & door stop keeps intruders out. As soon as someone pushes the door, the 100 dB alarm will war
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List Price: 8.32
Price: 4.99
Coming Soon
Product ID: WA28
Mini Window Alarm
At only 2 1/2 inches long, this window alarm inconspicuously protects your home from intruders. This unit uses a magnetic sensor to detect the opening of a protected window
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List Price: 7.01
Price: 4.79







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