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PS2 Keyboard Logger is a keyboard logging device which records every key pressed on a computer keyboard - storing an exact copy of everything typed by the user! 4MB of memory is enough capacity to store half a million characters (key strokes); it can quietly record the average computer user for months and still have memory to spare. Installation takes just seconds, attaching to a PS2 connection the logger starts to record automatically. It is completely mobile meaning it can be unplugged and the information can be retrieved on another PC without any special software. A few examples where the logger might be used includes: Parents monitoring their children's computer and Internet use Employers in a company monitoring the way computers are used during work time Writing important documents - the keyboard acts as an archive of data entered, helpful with recovering of important information if the computer crashes! Detect unauthorized access to PC, you will learn about it when computer is used when unattended Please Note: Unsealed or a broken seal renders this item as NON-RETURNABLE Includes: ¥ USB Keyboard Logger ¥ Users Manual

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