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Dog Off Ultrasonic Dog Training & Personal Alarm System
Dog Off Ultrasonic Dog Training & Personal Alarm System

Dogs Barks Too Much? - Dog Off Device Designed to Stop the Barking

Barking Triggers the Device Which Emits Ultrasonic Sounds

Use the New Dog-Off Pro Series to train your dog safely and effectively with corrective ultrasonic bursts only dogs can hear - activated with the push of a button! This lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed handheld unit can be used indoors or outdoors. Inside, train your dog from jumping on furniture, bad chewing habits or other unwanted activities by pushing and releasing one button for a quick, corrective ultrasonic burst. Use the same way outside for any corrective action on your dog, or use as a defensive measure against an attacking dog by holding the button down and aiming directly at the approaching dog. The closer the attacking dog gets, the louder the ultrasonic siren gets! Trains your dog with a push of a button! Audible to dogs up to 20 FT. away. Push button training device emits corrective ultrasonic burst. Compact handheld design. Built-In flashlight. 120dB personal security alarm. Belt clip. Runs on one 9 volt battery (not included).

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