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If you are looking for Security & Safety products to protect yourself or your home or business, we offer a full range of products to make your world a safer and more secure place.

Click Here for Book Safes & Diversion Safes As described in "Oprah Magazine" mentioning this website

Personal Protection devices like Stun Guns are available:  Stun Master Stun Guns, Muscle Man Stungun, and Streetwise Stun Guns and Z Force Stun Guns  We have some super Stun Batons

We have a full line of Pepper-Sprays including the popular and powerful 17% Streetwise Pepper Spray as well as Mace PepperSpray and Peppershot Pepperspray

We also have Personal Security & Safety Alarms.   Home Security & Safety Products feature Motion Detectors  and Security Alarms. Ever get locked out? Check our Lockpick Sets. Our popular Dog Off Ultrasonic Repeller will help keep you safe from stray dogs. 

Oprah featured this site in her 2004 magazine regarding  Diversion Safes, which provide security by discreetly hiding your valuables at home or during travel. 

Law enforcement personnel and security guards will want to check our Hand Cuffs, Slappers, Batons, Kubatons, and SAP gloves.

Martial Arts enthusiast may choose from a nice selection of Nun ChucksThrowing Stars, Martial Arts, Training Equipment.

Please Note: We Do Not Ship Any Item That Can Be Mistaken For A Weapon To Any Location Outside Of The United States. This includes all pepper sprays, stun-guns, bb guns,  blowguns or martial arts products.










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